‘Nusa petroli in peace!’ Savage KOT mercilessly tear apart pregnant Odhiambo, limb from limb

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Kenyans on Twitter are as savage as they come, one pregnant Odhiambo learned that the hard way.

The self-righteous judgemental young lady has received the full wrath of KOT after demeaning the bedsitter and EABL crew for their life choices.

According to her, success in life entails getting married early in your 20’s and popping babies for your man soon after. She vocally came out to rebuke individuals still single and ‘whoring’ in their 30’s.

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Today wasn’t her lucky day however as KOT went in on her, going for blood. She has been ruthlessly roasted that some fear she might miscarriage her current pregnancy due to the comments. Check out all the drama below.





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