Akothee show off her new schoolmates


 Having a college degree or a high school education is never the end of a true education, Celebrated singer cum business woman Akothee who is currently riding on her hit single dubbed “Muje” is a living example. 

Akothee, after admitting her 3rd daughter in a prestigious university  has decided to go back to school.


“Going back to school is called self development, its a calling that doesn’t have to be pushed in you , it should come automatically from within 💪 there is something I would love to achieve in my life , I will not settle until I have it . meet my new schoolmates 💪💪 today I pulled out all my lashes, it was not hard , I just got challenged” she wrote.



Akothee who is known of her black and white remarks has advice her followers to work hard in order to achieve their dreams and ambitions.

“If we were all the same with same energy ,ambition and success , no one would be jealous and nobody would be complaining , and life would have been very boring , If I keep doing things that I have always done, I will still be the Person I have always been , change comes with great pain , embrace it and seek for inner peace and satisfaction wellness being one of them 💪❤” She wrote.



Madam boss and her family have been living life to the fullest




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