How Deported Parents from Hell Tortured Their Daughter

Two Indians residing in Kenya were Monday evening deported after their residence permits were revoked following accusations of battering their special child.

The couple, Mr. Keyur Navinchandra Savla and his wife Keyur Jyoti Savla had in  2015 been accused of violently assaulting their daughter who was 12 years old at the time.

This happened just days after they admitted the minor to Montessori school when a teacher noticed injury marks all over the girl’s body.

“On 26th February 2015 Alika came to school with horrific injuries. She had whip marks across her thighs. There was blood on her ears and inside it. She had bruises on her mouth and nose. She had dried up blood in her nostrils. She had what appeared to be strangulation marks on her neck. Whip marks on her arms and shoulder.”

However, the girls’ mum always maintained that the injuries were not inflicted by them and that it was sheer bad luck.


“…She fell from the sofa set and she was injured in the left side of her brain, which resulted in the right side of her body getting paralysed. At the same time, the doctor responded that the child was epileptic since birth.”

At one point, the teacher observed that a large piece of flesh had been ripped off of the child’s mouth and she could not eat.


The school would later report the case to authorities who followed the matter up and got the Indian couple arrested.

they were arraigned in court but were acquitted with no case to answer after the Judge said there was no compelling reasons to sentence the parents.

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