Here’s what REALLY happens when you’ve just Given Birth

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Becoming expectant comes with as much joy as responsibility. You will be celebrated by everyone, and why not?You are carrying a whole entire human in you. Special attention should be allocated to you.

Being pregnant is the most magical thing to ever happen to a woman. However there are some wild things that will happen to you right after the birth. Hold on to your wigs girls because we are about to get super real with you.

1.It’s not pretty down there.

Weh! Sema monster vagina? Your vagina will completely swell up sis. Like. Completely.

Protip? Just ice your lady parts. Ask your partner to bring you an ice pack to help bring down the swelling and help with pain relief.

4 Weird Things No One Tells You About Giving Birth

2.So.much .blood

Wow. Just wow. Remember that time, you had your period and you though THAT was a lot of blood. Please add a whole lot more blood to that experience. There will be a tonne of blood.

Protip? Make sure to buy the ultimate granny panties that won’t compress your vagina and can comfortably hold the biggest maxi pad ever.


3.Your milk wont come in ASAP

Issa truth! This is the most frustrating bit because you have a new little human who needs to feed. Just keep in mind that it could be a few days before the milk comes in so be patient.

Protip? Just wait it out , hydrate like crazy and find a temporary alternative for your baby. Don’t stress, the milk will definitely come.

4. You will have uterus anxiety

Let’s talk about going number 2. You just pushed out a human sis so every time you sit on the toilet, you feel like your uterus is going to fall out. Sometimes it happens for some people.

Protip? If you’ve got to go. You’ve got to go. Just grow a pair of lady balls and go to the toilet gurl! If your vagina does fall out, be  not afraid because that is what doctors are for. They should be able to give you great advice and care. Don’t be worried

4 Weird Things No One Tells You About Giving Birth

Giving birth is wild and weird but also so rewarding. To all the ladies giving birth this week. Congratulations in advance. Let us know what you plan to name your little angel in the comments below.

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