How Sudden Weight Loss Could Be Pointing You to An Early Grave!

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Constantly doing body exercises is good. Since most of us struggle with weight loss, we need to reguate on our food intake and food portion control. We also need to minimize eating processed foods and focus more on eating healthy ones.

Doing exercises will be great in order to burn the fats in our body. There’s no doubt that losing weight requires sacrifices and perseverance. But what if you lose weight out of the blue? What if you didn’t do anything and yet you’re still losing weight?

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It’s truly an unexpected blessing! Right? However, before you go celebrating for finally losing those pesky fats in your body, you might want to reassess your body. This sudden weight loss may lead to an underlying health condition. Below are a few risky conditions that would be caused by sudeen weight loss;

People Suffering from Mental Illness Suffer Unintended Weight Loss.

Whenever we’re stressed, we tend to over eat, so it’s quite contradicting, right? Well, we’ve got news for you. There are also some people who do the opposite way when they’re stressed.

These stressed people who are caffeine dependent tend to eat less because the coffee reduces their appetite. They feel like they need to put off from eating until the situation they’re dealing with stabilizes. Apparently, stressed people aren’t the only one who suffers sudden weight loss.

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Those people who are dealing with mental health conditions like depression, and anxiety. They lose interest in things that tend to motivate them, either it’s a hobby, passion, or necessity. They tend to lose interest in love, friendship, companionship, even their love for food that leads them to become anorexic.

Thyroid Issues

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We all know that if you have an underactive thyroid, you’ll struggle with losing your weight. But what about if your thyroid is overactive? Well, you know the drill.

You also tend to struggle with gaining weight because of your overactive thyroid. Some symptoms of hyperthyroidism are sudden weight and hair loss, fever, cough, and changes in your urination. Even being unusually sensitive to cold and hot temperatures may contribute to your thyroid issues.

Celiac Disease

Those people who are gluten intolerant are also vulnerable to weight loss. It may be a good thing because they can minimize their carb intake due to their condition but it’s easier said than done.

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For one, most food available on the market nowadays includes gluten as one of its active ingredients. If they mistakenly eat a food with gluten in it, their immune system will send the wrong signals, causing it to attack its own small intestines. This leads to digestive problems and inflammation.


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