Mistakes Many People Make When Breaking Fast In The Evening

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There are many characters that have so far been observed in this period of fasting, we have some who just sit next to the food plate until it’s time to break, and there are those who make a non-stop journey to eating from time of breaking to the time of start.

However, we understand that fasting is not an easy thing to do, especially in hot conditions.  There are some mistakes that we do when it’s time for iftar that defeat the purpose of fasting. We all probably already know we shouldn’t be doing these things but just In case one of them slips our mind, here are some mistakes to avoid during Iftar.

1. Drinking too much water

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The minute you hear the Athan, you grab a huge water bottle and start drinking, water is great, but too much water is not good after all these fasting hours, it will make you feel so full or even give you a stomach ache. Drink little by little until you are not thirsty anymore.

2. Eating too much

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Again you can’t expect your stomach to process that much food when it’s been empty for almost all day long. Motivate yourself by cooking small quantities and serving small amounts to your plate.

3. Exceeding your sugar limit

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Consuming sugar large quantities will only make your day worse. It will make you feel more hungry and thirsty, you don’t want that. Instead, have some dates or a small desert and don’t add sugar to your natural juices. Sugar is tempting but it’s also the fastest way to gain weight.

4. Too many carbs and fats

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Carbs and fats shouldn’t be your first choice when breaking your fast, the ideal way is to start with soup and salad, then move on to protein and later on you can have carbs in smaller amounts, this will count as a balanced meal that has the right amount of calories you need.

5. Sleeping right after you’ve eaten

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Don’t do it no matter how tired you are and it glorious they idea seems. Try to stay awake and maybe do some walking, this will give your body a chance to digest food properly and so you don’t get digestive problems.

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