Huddah quits drinking alcohol after a terrible experience

Sassy Socialite Huddah Monroe has announced she has quit taking alcohol after a nasty hangover.

The Businesswoman is currently in the states and has been on a very long vacation which is also linked to her business plans.

Huddah  has made it public that she is done with alcohol for the rest of her life and she added that she bid weed goodbye too.

Huddah shared a video on her Instastory looking helpless and lying in bed saying that she needed some drips.

“I will never ever drink again. I just want to get my drips, get my skin taken care of and then I am done with alcohol for the rest of my life” she said in the video.

The Socialite also showed her fans how she had to get a drip to help her manage her situation.

Hangovers might be a pretty usual thing for the alcohol consumers but this time might have been different or extreme for  Huddah.

While nursing a hangover  and feeling terrible after drinking it is so easy  for people to make such announcements ‘Never to take alcohol again’

In another post, Huddah says she hates alcohol and it does not seem like she plans on taking her words back.

The socialite joins the long list of celebrities who  quit alcohol for different reasons.

Have a look at her screenshots



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