Pangani tenants get two-year rent as relocation set to kick off

Pangani tenants get two-year rent as relocation set to begin

The construction of 1,500 new affordable houses in Pangani estate is finally set to kick off after residents agreed to be relocated.

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has dished out cheques worth Ksh 600,000 to some 48 Nairobi tenants to help them move from their current homes which are listed for upgrading.

During a meeting with the tenants at City Hall, Sonko revealed that the residents of Pangani estate agreed to relocate from the parcel to pave way for the construction of 1,500 new affordable houses in the area.

He further divulged that he awarded them the money to serve as rent for wherever they will live for the two years the construction is expected to take.

“Earlier today at City Hall during a meeting with Pangani estate residents who are ready to be relocated as we start plans to construct 1,500 new affordable houses in the area.

“In addition, my administration has issued to each of the 48 tenants a cheque of Ksh 600,000 as rent to wherever they’ll move to for the 2 year construction period,” stated the governor through his social media.

The governor’s statement further revealed that once the contruction is complete, each tenant would be allocated a house valued at Ksh3 million.

“The tenants will all be allocated a new house, at Ksh3 million each to be repaid over a 30-year period,” continued Sonko.

When the Nairobi County Government announced the upgrade plan for seven estates, a section of residents from Pangani opposed the planning terming it illegal.

Through their lawyer Edward Ndichu, the tenants argued that the plan did not consider their input yet some of them had lived in the estate for more than a decade.

Up to 48 buildings are expected to be pulled down around the city for new ones to be erected.

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