TOO MUCH SAUCE! Literally Spice up your Bedroom with these Foods

Food is everything. Food is also a luxury, as much as it’s a basic need. Especially when combined with some of the world’s best things to do, it naturally becomes something to look forward to.

Do we live to eat, or eat to live??

I’d say both, because we cannot do one without the other. But I’d be forgetting the part where Food is life….. Okay, water is technically life, but you know what I mean.

Now the best thing about it, is the sensation it leaves you with in the mouth after a series of combining different ingredients to come up with one dish.

Ironically, its called a Foodgasm. And rightly so, because it will definitely put you in the mood… if you know what I mean

For all those wondering what I’m talking about, here’s a list of aphrodisiac foods that will definitely take you there.

Anything Chocolate

This is the most obvious one on the list. Be it chocolate- dipped strawberries, chocolate- covered pretzels, anything with chocolate definitely sets the mood.

The sweet savoury taste of it, as it drizzles in the mouth adds some finessing to an already sexy moment.

Anything Spicy

If you’d want to get things going with your partner through food, you might want to order from that Indian place you’ve been avoiding all year.

Spicy food definitely would get you warmed up (literally) meaning at some point you might wanna take that jacket off… and dress…and..well you get the point.


Not only are these yellow fruits of goodness rich in potassium(for the strength you’ll be needing after you eat them) but this is one of those fruits that make men lose their minds when you’re eating them.

Ladies (and others), this goes for you. You know exactly what I mean, Come on.

Those are just but my top 3, so, go on and have fun with your food

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