Queen Darleen reveals how her ex-boyfriend seduced her sister

Diamond’s sister Queen Darleen has revealed how her boyfriend tried to seduce her sister Esma Platnumz behind her back.

The ‘Muhogo’ hit maker says that she used to be so secretive about her dating life but this incident made her to start opening up to avoid such awkward moments.

The man she was dating back then was side chatting her sister and almost made them fall out since Queen Darleen thought that her sister made the move.

In an exclusive interview Queen Darleen says that Esma is one of her close family who wishes her the best, advises and prays for her to get a man who respects her and have a good relationship that will lead to marriage.

The Singer also opened up about her current relationship saying that she is head over heels in love with the man she is dating.

Queen Darleen reveals that the level of trust and love between her and boyfriend is to the extent that they did not get tested for HIV, which was against a routine that she has been following in past intimate relationships.

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Darleen says that it does not matter for now because she is so in love with him and they are both happy together.

Fans have been so curious asking her to make her relationship public but the Wasafi Queen has been playing it down for a while now.

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