Governor Laboso Viciously Defends Her “Killer Bridge”

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Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso has criticised the National Construction Authority (NCA) for failing to consult her administration before ordering the demolition of a bridge in the county.

The Sh2.4 million Kirwa foot bridge at Chemagel in Sotik has been at the centre of debate over its standards. Its ramps and pillars are constructed with bricks which residents claim may not last long.

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NCA officials visited the site a day after the Roads Executive Phillip Sowek inspected it and marked it for demolition over its safety.

Governor Laboso accused the authority of hurriedly making a ‘biased’ judgment over the bridge without engaging her officers.

“It was wrong for the officials to rush there and put some marks saying the bridge should be brought down without any reference…. They never spoke to any of our officers or even the contractor,” she said.

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