TRAGIC! Nakuru Police Launch Manhunt for Killer Tenant

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In law, the relationship between the landlord and the tenant is contractual and thus both parties have a legal obligation to respect the contract. This means the parties are free to negotiate and agree on the terms and conditions of the contract/relationship, including the payable rent and the date on which it is payable, among other things.

Once the contract also known as tenancy covenant is agreed upon, any change in the agreed terms is a breach of the contract. It sad when a tenant bridges their contract and makes a turn for the worst.

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Police in Nakuru County have launched a manhunt for a tenant accused of stabbing his landlord in Karagita, Naivasha on Monday. The accused allegedly assaulted the landlord when he came to issue a vacate notice, after which an argument ensued over Sh6,000 unpaid rent.

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John Kimathi, a neighbour, said that the accused stabbed the landlord on the chest, resulting to his death while being rushed to the Naivasha Sub County Hospital.

“The landlord had come to issue a vacate notice to the tenant and was stabbed several times on the chest,” the witness said. He added that the accused had not paid rent for three months.

The incident was confirmed by Naivasha OCPD Samuel Waweru, who said that the wife of the accused, who was present during the incident, is helping the police with the probe.

“We have questioned his wife who was present during the incident as part of the investigations,” said the police boss.

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