Amani gives her conditions to working with secular artists

Gospel artiste Amani has shared her conditions of working with secular artistes.

Amani who was once a secular musician says she no longer lives in the secular world although she still takes ownership of her secular songs.

Speaking on Mseto East Africa, Amani says that she would not mind working with a secular artists in a collabo as long as their agenda is to spread the word of God.

Amani believes that as a minister of God, the sole purpose is to draw people closer to God and she says that if she is ever going to work with a secular artist then it has to be a song that glorifies God.

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On whether she feels like an amateur in the gospel music industry, Amani stated that there is nothing as good as starting afresh and she thanks God for that.

The Singer believes that the fact that she has general experience in the music industry will push her further and her music will blossom.

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Amani says that she does not miss performing during concerts as a secular artiste because she was tired of what used to happen at the backstage; the smell of alcohol and smoke used to irritate her.

The ‘Upendo’ hit maker also added that knowing very well that she is doing her music for the Lord has given her an understanding on what should be expected of her as a minister of the word.

Here is the full interview

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