You Don’t Need to Have Money, Looks, or Status to Get Women

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For many, they believe that looks, money, and status will give them the right amount of traction to get the company of a beautiful damsel

Indeed, this ‘mass hysteria’ if I may call it, has been spread so avidly to individuals, that you find some people working so hard to get money so that they can attract beautiful women.

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The truth is, most women will love you for how you can relate with them on a face to face basis.

As a matter of fact, most women have a soft spot for any man that can sweet talk them to having a relationship. It depends on how you approach them in the first place.

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The harsh reality is that most men are afraid to get out of their comfort zone. They prefer to think that most women are linear, and that they don’t employ emotion when it comes to the dating game.

So what is this whole fallacy behind looks money and status? Let’s revisit each of these categories and discover why most men are compelled to believe that this is how they should be when attracting women.


When it comes to looks, most men believe that you have to have model physique to get women. The truth is that most women will say one thing and do the other.

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As a matter of fact, your confidence can overshadow your looks. It doesn’t matter whether you are short, fat and round, once you manage to break a woman’s mental state, she will be yours for the taking.

So stop using your physique as an excuse to not approach women


This is hands down the biggest excuse for most men in Kenya. Oh, I have to have money to attract beautiful women.

That’s not the case.

In fact, most women that meet a man who is all about flaunting his money tend to use him like tissue and leave him hanging dry.

Instead, work on convincing the lady why you are the best option in her life. This will no doubt convince her to follow your lead and look at you as the best possible option for her.

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When it comes to status, this refers to the level of social acceptance that a man has in society.

It is widely believed by most men that women will go for the high status men in society.

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But that’s not always the case; we’ve heard of powerful women in Nairobi keeping boy toys who have nothing to their name or status but are madly in love with them.

Hence, it’s not a definitive that just because you have status, you will eventually get the girl.

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