Ruto’s 2022 game plan; Sonko, Oparanya, Kabogo, Kibwana to play critical roles!

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As the 2022 fast approaches, key political players among them Deputy President William Ruto’s camp are leaving nothing to chance as they put all measures in place to ensure that their plans are on course and moving to the right direction.

Ruto has no choice but to look for tough, seasoned and monied lieutenants to win the war. Hon. William Kabogo Gitau fits that bill perfectly. He must be that general to lead the revolution against the well-oiled dynasty mean machine.

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Kiambu county commands 1,180,920, votes and counting as per the last elections. Mike Sonko is also a very influential person in Nairobi. He will be expected to deliver at least half of 2,250,853 votes. He will be going for re-election as governor Nairobi, with Peter Kenneth (Patron Kieleweke) angling to topple Sonko in 2022 as battle lines are already drawn.

Political modus operandi of Sonko and DP is similar; appeal
to the hoi polloi.

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When Aisha Jumwa speaks, it is evident that she has the full blessings of Amason Kingi who is the current the king of Mijikenda and by extension Swahili nation overtaking Joho’s counterweight in the coast region.

Kirautu Murungi, Kithure Kindiki know exactly where they will cast their lot. The Rift is completely shut to challengers from Turkana to Namanga total 4,644, 812 voters as at 2017 and counting.

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North Eastern is viewed as an extension of the Rift due to its economic activities (Wafugaji). Lower Eastern is a bit tricky because Kalonzo Musyoka must be on the ballot just for relevance and nuisance sake. He is facing a revolt in the name of Ngilu, Mutua and Kibwana. Kibwana is expected to cast his lot with the DP in terms of logistical and think tank support.

Western brigade led by Oparanya, Khalwale, Echesa will ensure DP is home and dry. Atwoli is a slay king who has refused to retire. If push comes to shove and a new formation, a new party will be put in place by late 2020. That’s if Raila’s handshake doesn’t see the light of the day.

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Raila and Uhuru badly need the referendum to go through in order to re-engineer themselves politically (President and Premier respectively). If the constitution 2010 remains as it is then the biggest causalities will be both as they will have no option but to kiss politics and power goodbye.

They will handshake to retirement. Even with the change of the constitution, the DP camp will still be a force to reckon with. It will reap big as it will give him a chance to ensure all supporting communities are rewarded with big posts in government.

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Big Four is no longer a priority. Now, it is total war and the battle for supremacy. Under these conditions, we will have another handshake after the referendum that is if it materializes and another handshake to share the spoils of 2022.

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