Meet superman who impregnated two sisters

Meet pretty twin sisters who are pregnant for the same man (photos)

They say twins are inseparable but this set must be on the world’s book of records because their love is on the other level.

The lovely twin sisters have gone viral on social media after being impregnated by the same man who is their boyfriend .

Most ladies are known to easily get jealous when their man splits his attention with another lady.

Meet pretty twin sisters who are pregnant for the same man (photos)

However, in this case, the twin sisters do not seem to mind having the same baby daddy. Apparently, Banks’ two girlfriends are twin sisters, and he could not hide his pride as he boasted about the situation on social media.

Sharing photos of his pregnant girlfriends, he accompanied them with a simple caption indicting he needed a show for the development.

β€œ I bet I am the only nigga you all know with twin baby mamas and both of them are cool with it. I need a show blood,” wrote Banks.

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Fuck the fame u see a niggah happy πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜

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