Your Child’s Favourite Superhero Will Affect Their Sexuality

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Don’t be tricked by the term family-friendly movies, comics and the like, they are here to influence your child’s sexual orientation, well this is according to a report by Gail Dines, an expert in women’s studies at Wheelock College.

The report, by Fatherly, claims that seeing hyper-sexualised superheroes makes children picker about who they’re intimate with when they grow up.

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Speaking to Fatherly, Professor Gail Dines, an expert in women’s studies at Wheelock College said: “The problem with superhero images is that they completely mesh with all the other images that are coming at kids.

“Whether it’s Victoria’s Secret, or Batman, or porn, there’s an underlying ideology that makes all of this a coherent narrative about what constitutes masculinity and what constitutes femininity.

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“It’s the coherence that’s critical.”

The report also highlighted a recent study that analysed the BMIs and body dimensions of 3,752 Marvel comic characters.

It found that the male characters’ shoulder-to-wait ratios were twice that of human men, while female characters’ waist-to-hip ratios were more extreme than most porn actresses.

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Rebecca Burch, who led the study, told Fatherly: “The measurements were far more outlandish than I expected. This is not an attainable body shape. This is not even a functional body shape.”

While these findings might put you off taking your children to see the new Avengers: Endgame , the experts suggest that talking to your children about the body shapes ahead of the film might be a better tactic.

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