Swagger may just be leading you to blindness

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Health experts are warning that many are risking permanent damage to their eyesight and even blindness by wearing fast fashion sunglasses that offer little or no ultraviolet (UV) protection.

Optical Express estimates that almost half of all Brits say they would choose fashionable frames when shopping for new sunglasses and they revealed that shoppers who wear cheap shades with no eye protection in the sun risk permanently damaging their eyesight and could even lose their sight.

They explain that very few know to look for the CE mark, which shows glasses have been made to appropriate standards.

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An estimated 51 percent of shoppers buy their sunglasses from online or high street fashion retailers, opting for the latest styles and trends and not necessarily frames or lenses that provide the best protection or coverage. Stephen Hannan, clinical services director at Optical Express, revealed there can be serious health consequences if protective eyewear is not taken seriously.

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He said: ‘With a few days of warmer weather upon us, sun worshipping Brits will be ready to soak up some rays, either here or abroad.

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‘Sunglasses may be a great fashion accessory to team with your favorite outfit, but being sun-wise can help to avoid a variety of eye health problems.’ Stephen also told how spending too much time unprotected in sunlight could permanently damage your eyes.

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He revealed: ‘It can also increase your risk of cataracts, a long-term condition where a cloud develops over the eye lens, causing blurred vision.

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