Jesus might have been an Alien according to CIA

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It is contained in a packet of other documents alongside an article from Time magazine – and a “transmittal slip”. Declassified files from the CIA archives reveal the strange book “The Adam and Eve Story” dating from 1966.

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Listed on the handwritten document includes a toolbox, tire gauges, key holder and fender repair kit. The book – written by author Chan Thomas – makes a string of outrageous claims about the history of the world and a coming cataclysm linked to the Bible story of Noah’s Flood.

Daily Star Online can reveal Thomas appears to have been a UFO researcher working on a project for the US Air Force.

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Reasons for the CIA’s classification of this text and the other items is unknown, but it’s resurfacing has inflamed conspiracy theories.

Thomas claims to have translated Jesus’s dying words on the cross, claiming he was actually speaking in the language he learned in India – in which he said, “I am fainting, I am fainting, darkness is overcoming me”.

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He alleges on Easter Sunday when Jesus is said to have ascended to heaven, he was actually picked up by a “space vehicle”.

The book’s title – The Adam and Eve Story – comes from Thomas’s assessment that the Genesis story is actually a parable about the collapse of a previous civilization, in an extinction event before Noah’s Flood.

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