Ha ha! Time to leave Kenya, it’s too much now

If you have ever thought of leaving the world because of the things happening, I think there could be no better time than now.

In my ‘never too serious’ world, events are unraveling in a way too mysterious. and I am worried.

The meteorologists last week told us that our rains are in Tanzania. Next, they told us that our cloud bearing rains went with cyclone Idai,,,what the hell is that? I have just read some news about a man attacked in Migori and now his genitals were found in Migori..it’s saddening but let me ask, how did the police know that the parts belonged to the man?

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In my culture, it is a taboo to laugh about a tragedy but it is also allowed to laugh at any matter.

Honestly,, I just agree with that @Sang Hillarxy that nowadays we need pain killers when reading the news or watching TV.

And then we have these kind of people who drag ruto into everything. When we’re discusiing about avocadoes.

Still about TV news, did you hear what the monkeys are doing in Murang’a? They are removing goat’s balls, for what? I don’t know.

Gone are the days when Murang’a was known for all good reasons, nowadays, it has become popular because of absurdity and controversy.

Wah, Kenyans! na hii mashida zote, unakufa tu, ukifikishwa mortuary unaamua katambe, unafufuka. Unawork few days hapo kama attendant wa wafu wengine, then unaishia makafani. Kidogo kidogo unakumbuka watu walifurahia kifo chako ju wakona doo zako, unawaendea aste aste unawadai, wanashtuka wanakufa. Monday wanafufuka pamoja na yesu, unawastua tena wanatetemeka. Halafu wanalipa pesa yako

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