Uhuru will fall in disgrace like Omar Al-Bashir-Miguna Miguna

Miguna Miguna

The city lawyer Miguna Miguna has sensationally claimed that Jubilee administration led by Uhuru Kenyatta will fall i disgrace just like Al-Bashir.

Sudan has been facing political turmoil following the ousting of president Omar al-Bashir, after three decades of power.

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In the few days since the fall of al-Bashir, the country has faced continued protests and a change in the head of military.

Miguna has been claiming that president Uhuru colluded with former prime minister Raila Odinga to deport him.

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He claimed that Uhuru has ignored more than 15 court orders just like the way he bought freedom in ICC.

” History will remember Uhuru Kenyatta as a despot who disobeyed more than 15 court orders, purported to revoke the citizenship and passport of a Kenyan-born citizen and forced him into exile but who ended up falling in disgrace like Omar al-Bashir,”He said.

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August 2018 ,Miguna Miguna was deported  after he was forced to board a Dubai-bound flight.

Reports indicated that the plane carrying him touched down at the Dubai airport at around 5 am on Thursday morning.

On december 2018,The High Court has awarded lawyer Miguna Miguna Sh7 million as compensation for the violation of his rights during his deportation to Canada.

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In the ruling, Judge Enoch Chacha Mwita said Mr Miguna’s deportation was unlawful and in violation of the Constitution.

The government claimed he was a Canadian national, arguing he never re-applied for his Kenyan citizenship after the promulgation of the 2010 Constitution.

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