Mike Sonko trolled for massacring the queen’s language

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s JKIA washroom expose back fires after netizens attacked him for massacring the Queens Language.

Sonko took to social media with a live coverage of the situation at the washrooms in the international arrivals section of JKIA where he highlighted the sorry state of the urinals which have exposed live wires.

“Just landed from London. This is the state of our bathrooms. KAA wake up what’s the point of paying millions of shillings to managers on salaries and yet they’re sleeping on their jobs. The President means well for this airport the rest wacheni ushenzi. Nimepigwa short kwa machine nikinyoraa if I fail to sire more babies I will sure KAA” he wrote.

But the sorry state of JKIA washroom did caught the attention of his followers but his poor communication.

Kinsey Jim Allan · 0:17 You have failed the city too and we pay taxes

Que Suplex Aluz · 6:06 Hehe.. Achana na Rusungu Sonko 😂😂good job.. Eti Kule wanakunia aki Mike.. Hata mm nimechukua no

Hon Robert Kivuva · 4:01 Ata wewe acha ushenzi

Sylvia Langwech · 1:26 Chunga usipigwe shock

Munzala Parkin · 4:51 Poop ndio inafaa kua safi isichafue choo. 😂

Gathere Muchene · 1:26 Mike chunga usije ukangongwa shock

Minesh Shah · 6:08 I can’t stop laughing but imagine the frustrations Kenyans have to go through in this country. This is just the airport. Talk about everything else. Kenya should be closed for renovations.

David G. Mwangi · 6:10 Governor doing a good job, but the language is wanting.

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