All You Need To Know About Joseph Kori’s New Alleged Lover

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Joseph kori might have been seeing the other woman whom she was seen while he was still married to late wife Mary kamangara.

Joseph Kori and the unidentified woman have known each other for a long time.
Kori had been spotted shopping with the woman few days ago.
A neighbor who spoke anonymously had the following statement.
The source could not confirm or deny if the woman is Kori’s lover only saying that she has always been there for him.


“Yes, I saw the viral pictures on social media. Mr Kori has known the woman for quite long. It is not true he met her after the death of his wife Wambui. Actually, she was there for him throughout the difficult period he was going through when being investigated for his wife’s death,” said the insider, adding: “On whether she is his lover, I am not in a position to reveal that. Only Kori can share more information about her,” said the source as quoted by eDaily.

On Friday, February 22, another source reportedly spotted Kori shopping at the Two Rivers Mall in Nairobi.

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“He was wearing red shorts, a T-shirt and a Safari hat. He was in the company of a woman,” said the source as quoted by Nation.

It is understood that the woman stood by kori side ever since he was locked up and charged for murder.
The source said she used to visit him everyday in prison and after he was released she stood by him even during the burial of Mary kamangara.
The two have known each other even before kamangara death and there are speculations that they are lovers.

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