Orengo shuts down Ruto’s camp over impeachment plans

Speculations have been there from Deputy President William Ruto allies that Siaya Senator James Orengo was working for ODM leader Raila Odinga to impeach the DP.

Some of Ruto allies claimed claimed that the opposition chief was hiding behind the purported impeachment to take over the Deputy President position.

The Jubilee 15 MPs on Tuesday said Raila is silently eyeing Ruto’s seat and is behind Orengo’s censure motion to have Ruto removed.

But Orengo dismissed these claims. He has said Raila Odinga had nothing to do with impeachment remarks he made on the DP over the weekend.

“It is me speaking; Raila has his mouth and I got my mouth When I am speaking on behalf of Raila (which I have done before), I’ll say as much!”Orengo said.

“I don’t know whether Raila shares the sentiments and particularly knowing that I was saying it as Orengo. These were my views and I can tell you that when I moved a motion of no confidence of [former President], Moi, it was my motion.”

The Senate Minority Leader said Ruto should be investigated over links to corruption allegations.

He maintained that the DP’s impeachment motion is about gross misconduct and corruption cases.

“I think he should be investigated…it is not just about what he has been linked to but also what he has admitted to. And if he cannot be investigated then the parliamentary process is another tool,” he said.

“…and that is the parliamentary process, it will be done like a motion of no confidence. And it is a political process.”

Orengo said the DP’s castigation of government agencies mandated to fight corruption amounted to insubordination, which he said was gross misconduct.

Orengo said the list of corruption cases linking Ruto was too long and that they needed an explanation.

“The list is very long…what he has admitted are like the hotel next to the airport (Weston) and now on these two dams which he said only Sh7b was lost,” he said.

“That is a matter that needs an explanation. He is not being investigated because we are not prepared to deal with grand corruption yet.”

Last month,  Ruto denied reports that the Sh21 billion allocated to the dams had vanished.

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