Turkana Governor Nanok praises Sonko for helping famine victims

The immediate former Council of Governors chairperson, who is also Turkana Governor Josephat Nanok, has praised his Nairobi counterpart Governor Mike Sonko for helping the hunger-affected regions.

Sonko has sent food stuffs to hunger-troubled counties of Turkana and West Pokot to save thousands of Kenyans who have been starving due to the long dry-spell.

Sonko’s convoy of trucks carrying the relief food arrived in Turkana and West Pokot over the weekend.

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Thousands of residents came out to benefit from the donation.

Before food distribution, Sonko paid a courtesy call to Turkana County chief Nanok in his office, where they discussed various issues, amongst them the hunger that has hit the region.

Nanok praised Sonko’s gesture saying the Good Deeds Ambassador title that Sonko was given by an Israel organization, is befitting his status.

“I want to say a very big thank you to Sonko. He is more than a friend to us. I believe your recent appointment as the Good Deeds Ambassador is well-deserved. We are very glad for the variety of food stuff you have brought us here,” said Nanok.

Sonko said the food relief he has brought to Turkana and West Pokot is not political-driven.

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“We are not here for politics. We know that almost 13 counties have been affected and we shall extend this to those other counties facing starvation,” said Sonko.

Unlike other government officials who give out maize and beans as relief food, Sonko brought sifted maize flour, cooking oil, milk, cabbages, potatoes, watermelons, oranges and other kinds of assorted vegetables and fruits.

“This is one way of providing food that is ready to eat. We do not want to subject the already weak individuals to a hustle of waiting for hours for the beans and maize to be ready to eat. The maize flour, cabbage and potatoes take less time to prepare,” said Sonko.

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He said the milk was to immediately give the weak children and the old men some energy.

Leaders who welcomed Sonko to the region include Turkana women representative Joyce Emarikor and Senator Malik Ekai.

Ekai said the fresh vegetables brought in by Sonko was an exemplary idea.

“We have all seen how our people have enjoyed the fruits. We are very happy Governor Sonko for this well-thought idea, because majority of our people had not seen these fruits for a very long time. It is actually like a miracle to them,” he said.

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Other leaders present were MPs led by Jeremiah Lomorka (Loima), Mohamed Ali, (Turkana East), James Lomenen (Turkana South), John Lodepe (Turkana central), Christopher Nakuleu (Turkana North) among other leaders.

The relief food will be distributed to several areas including; Kerio Delta, Lochwa, Kaptir,Loima, Gold, Lotikipi, Kamarese, Kerio, Nakukulas, Lojere Emoit, Kadeli and Katioko among others.

At the same time, the Sonko Rescue Team has sent up a medical tent at Tobong grounds where hundreds are flocking to get medical attention.

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