This Is How To Make Your Perfume Last Longer


There is nothing as good as smelling good, but nothing is as frustrating as putting on your signature scent then an hour later the scent is gone an you have to keep checking if you still have it. Here are a few tricks to help you reduce the re-spritzing journey and save on your precious scent (I know the $$$ matters).

1.Choose an unscented clinging base

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Lotion acts as a bind to help the perfume stick to your skin, so rub a bit in to the spot you’ll be perfuming. The skin is not necessarily the best clinger for perfume, it is kind of oily and doesn’t absorb. It is wise choose an unscented moisturizer to keep from combining smells, giving all the attention to your perfume.

2. Opt for a strong base note

Different scents have different lifespans. Citruses will fade the fastest because their molecules are so light, while floral and spices will take longer to leave. Scents that stick around longest are the ones commonly used as base notes, like vanilla, musk, and wood.

3. Layer scents strategically

Dying for a citrus-based perfume, but don’t want to be stuck reapplying all day? Layer it with another fragrance with a strong base to extend the life of your scent. You can also combine those to make it last longer.

4. Make the best of your hair

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Your hair holds a scent better than your skin does. If you have a long or medium cut, spritzing it onto the ends of your tresses. “I’ve always thought a waft was nicer on the ends because the hair moves a little there,” she says. avoid these mistakes that ruin your hair.

5. Add to your clothes


While the perfume on your skin might fade too fast, it could last long enough to overstay its welcome on clothes. While at this consider stains that the perfume may leave behind, so you might want to do do this sparingly. Better yet, you can add a little to a scarf or a shirt you don’t wear much if you want maximum impact all day. When washing the scent out, make it easier with these laundry hacks.

6. Apply to your pulse points

When adding a spray, stick to pulse points like your wrists, neck, and behind your knees. They radiate a little more heat, and they’re a nice spot to bounce around the smell a bit.

7. Keep perfume out of your medicine cabinet

If you want your perfume to last longer in the bottle, store it in a cool, dark environment. A lot of people store perfume in the bathroom, but that’s not a great choice because all the moisture and steam from the shower is not good for perfume.

8. Give in and reapply

Despite your best efforts, your scent will probably fade between leaving for the office and arriving at happy hour after work. “It’s not like clothes—you don’t put it on in the beginning of the day and have it on until you take it off,” says Serrano-McClain. “It’s all about putting on a little before you want to make that impact.” Carry a small bottle of perfume with you, and add a bit as needed.

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