Scriptures In The Bible That Mention Kenya Indirectly

The Holy Bible

As many Christians would say,Kenya is indirectly mentioned in the bible.In the scriptures,the land that is the south of Cush,is always referred as Ethiopia.It is Ethiopia in the modern day.

The country that is directly on the South of Ethiopia is Kenya.

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This country ,started been referred to as Kenya in 1895 when the British started colonisation.

In Isaiah 18:1,It Says:Woe to the land of whirring wings[along the rivers of Cush,which sends envoys by sea in papyrus boats over the water.

The country is in the bible but equally not shown for real,there are other verses to proof.

In 2 Kings 19:9, :And when he heard say of Tirhakah king of Ethiopia, Behold, he is come out to fight against thee: he sent messengers again unto Hezekiah, saying,

Another book in the bible where Kenya might have been mentioned,is Esther 1:1.. This is what happened during the time of Xerxes,[the Xerxes who ruled over 127 provinces stretching from India to Cush .

In Isaiah 45:14 The products of Egypt and the merchandise of Cush, and those tall Sabeans– they will come over to you and will be yours; they will trudge behind you, coming over to you in chains. They will bow down before you and plead with you, saying, ‘Surely God is with you, and there is no other; there is no other god.'”

Clearly Kenya is in the bible though not directly.

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