Miguna Miguna reveals why he will never beg for his Kenyan citizenship

Controversial deported Kenyan born lawyer Miguna Miguna now claims that he will never beg for his constitutional rights as a Kenyan citizen.

The lawyer was deported to Canada when the government said he was in the country illegally. He later took the justice way through courts in his quest to come back to Kenya.

He won the court battle but was never allowed back into the country, instead, for the second time, was deported.

Miguna has however said he will not beg to be allowed back into the country and will not be scared even if they torture him in the process.

“Let me make myself crystal clear to Uhuru Kenyatta and his despotic agents like Fred Matiangi and Kihalangwa: I will not beg for my constitutional, legal and birth rights. No amount of coercive acts, intimidation, threats, bribery, physical assault or torture will scare me,” he tweeted

Miguna had earlier announced that he would be travelling back in the county next month.

“Thank you to Kenyan patriots, Pan-Africanists and friends of Kenya who have demonstrated through thousands of solidarity messages to me that the majority of our people are ready for a revolution. I’ll be in Kenya in April 2019 even if I have to swim across the Atlantic Ocean,” he updated his followers. 

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