Prophet Owuor Reveals The Blackmail Web & Venom He Has Been Subjected to In Kenya

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Are Kenyans really ungrateful to self proclaimed Mighty Prophet of the Lord David Owuor?

For sometime now, Prophet Owuor has been the topic of discussion across various platforms and social gatherings all thanks to his way of doing things.

Many Kenyans apparently do not believe in him with many seeing him as a Chief fraudster who thrives in sending fears and chills down the spine of people.

The Prophet is now calling on Kenyans to change their ways and stop their discrimination against him since he has brought many benefits.

Owuor has addressed the toxic poison Kenyans have poured on the internet and the press against him.

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He has claimed that because of this, the Lord God is in a process of removing him from this Land to a better place.

Read Owuor’s Full Statement on the Same Below:

“So, many, many benefits have taken place in this land owing to the ministration of these TWO SERVANTS here as They walk with GOD in modern era, modern time; in broad daylight. But if you see the way Kenya has blackmailed Them —if you look at the web, the vitriol, the venom, the venomous they have poured, the venom they have poured on the internet. If you look at the toxic, the poison they have poured out on the internet, in their press, in their papers, and publishing, claiming that these PROPHETS that have come to bring eternity to you, lowered Heaven here, the stairs of Heaven, claiming that They have come to steal your land. And then, you know, all these parliamentarians get up and rebuked them very severely. But anyhow, they have done it.

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So the LORD is escalating the process of removing Them from the land. And let Us wait and see. Again, I have seen the LORD take His SERVANT, and He took His SERVANT into the brook. And He was feeding Him from there and speaking with Him from there, and He was doing ministration. I do not know where exactly that brook is. I can figure out roughly, but you can I am sure. But from the brook. And to still emphasize the fact that He is going to remove Them from here, and He is going to sustain Them from Heaven. He is going to take care of Them Himself without any man getting involved that the Mission of the LORD that They behold will be accomplished.”

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