How American missionaries defiled orphans in Bomet for 10 years

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The sad story of Dow Family Children home owned by Americans have sparked frustrations towards the government.

Gregory Heyes Dow and his wife Mary Heyes Dow started the Children home with the aim of helping the orphans of Boito in Bomet County.

That was not the case of the two American missionaries as they were accused of defilement.

The childrens home

One of the beneficiaries said that they were given family planning implants so as not get pregnancy.

The children were not aware of what was happening and followed orders given by the Dow family.

The director of the home, Davis Bett, was fired in 2013 after he realized that something was wrong with the Gregory. He added that Mr. Dow could ‘spank’ the girls something which is an abomination to Kalenjin culture.

After the matter was reported to the police in 2017, Gregory fled to the US while his wife was arrested trying to flee and charged in Sotik court.

Mr. Gregory in the US is a s3x offender, charged with assault and intent to commit s3xual abuse.

Activists in the US have launched an hunt for signatures for family to be charged for crime they committed in Kenya.

The residents, however, said that the authorities knew about the incidents and never intervened.

It is almost two years since the children’s home was closed.

Here is the full documentary;

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