Governor Stephen Sang Breathes Fire! Says Raila Conned The President…

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In a heated speech, Nandi Governor Stephen Sang has accused Raila Odinga of conning the president in the discussions leading to the handshake.

According to Sang, President Kenyatta had agreed to the handshake for the purpose of uniting the country.

On the other hand, Sang states that the purpose of the handshake for Raila was to bring down certain political individuals in the country, mainly targeting the destruction of the Jubilee party.

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He was also annoyed by the comments from opposition party ODM that the Big Four Agenda by President Kenyatta would not be achieved.

Sang was also visibly disturbed by the fact that the opposition has labelled Raila Odinga as a ‘co-president’ in the republic of Kenya.

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In an unexpected plea to the president, Sang has also told Uhuru that if he is not careful, Raila Odinga will undermine every development project by Jubilee and tarnish Mr. Kenyatta’s legacy.

Here is the video of the heated speech by Governor Sang!

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