Kenyans want Akothee to be President

Taswira inaweza kujumuisha: Watu 2, watu wanatabasamu, watu wanasimama na nje

Kenya is a country of opportunists. For us, everything is viewed on its monetary value.

It is sad to see how the current hunger and drought ravaging Turkana and other 11 counties is being used as an opportunity for politicians to flex their muscles.

Amidst all the melodrama, there is one person, an unexpected person I should say, who has stood up and made a meaningful impact. Her name is Akothee.

She was recently bashed by the noisy moral police Ezekiel Mutua, for her on stage dressing but she has still risen again and is in Turkana county distributing food to fellow Kenyans.

Ezekiel Mutua has said nothing about it, but be sure he will comment on her dressing soon.

Kenya has 47 women reps and dozens of learned feminists who have done nothing for the women and children staring at starvation in Turkana. Akothee has shamed them all.

Akothee is the most honest celebrity I know. She has never shied away from speaking about her poor past. She knows what it means to lack food.

Most of us are so poor that the only thing we can afford is Safaricom Tunukiwa Bundles. Bundles which we use to spread hatred online.

Akothee has not paid any of these greedy bloggers and influencers to make her trend. She is in Turkana because she knows those people need help.

The next time Ezekiel Mutua raises his voice to criticize Akothee, we should ask him what he has done for Kenyans.

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