Top University Closed Down After Students Riot.

Closure of the University
Kibabii university

A university In Kisii county has been closed indefinitely. Kibabii University students are said to have destroyed property of unknown value.during the riots that took place on Friday. The students started the protests when one of their colleagues got injured in a car accident inside the university.

Kibabii students look for transport home after

The university administration said that they decided to close the school indefinitely and all students were asked to go home.

During the Mr and Miss Kibabii 2019 pageant which is normally the climax of the [Career and Cultural Week), a car in the university parking lot knocked down a female student. The unidentified driver is said to have sped off, a move that angered the students who resorted to chaos.

Enraged, the students directed their anger at security officers’ offices accusing them of failing to seize the suspect who injured their colleague.​

They also burnt down kiosks adjacent the university and set ablaze a fence that separates the school with Kibabii Boys High School.

Image result for images of kenyan students rioting

“In view of the safety of Students, Staff and Property of the University and the surrounding community, the University Senate in its Special Meeting held on Saturday 23rd March, 2019 at 10.00 am in the Vice Chancellor’s Boardroom , resolved to close the University indefinitely,” the statement read in part.

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