Can’t handle the heat! 3 Things that you should carry for the hot season

The heat is currently crazy in Nairobi, an lots of us are suffering (obviously).

For this, we need to have a heat kit with us all the time. It’s not safe for anyone… literally.

But don’t worry, I’m here for you… I’ve combined a list of things everyone should carry during this time.


Water bottle

I know…. people hate the bottle because its too bulky to carry and you’ll more or less forget it…. not to mention you can just buy water anyway

Well you have no option in this heat. its either that, or you keep spending money on a plastic bottle of water when you find one.


Sun Screen

Dear lightskins, this goes more importantly you y’all.

I’m not saying the rest of us don’t get affected, I’m just saying it goes twice as hard for you.

The sun is not sparing anyone.


Wet Wipes/ Tissue

Let’s face it. Atleast 60% of us have literally perspired more in the past month than we have any other time.

Meaning our armpits, faces, backs, underboobs and all that have the dreaded stain all over.

And for those with make up (no offence), it does not usually end that well for you either.


We all need these.

What else do y’all need?? Lemme know

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