Phophet Owour caught in a fight over property

Repentance and Holiness' Prophet Dr. David Owuor. /COURTESY

Oneself declared Doomsday prophet who ‘spared’ Raila Odinga — David Owuor — is involved in an awful tussle with a family over the control and inhabitance of a Sh1.5 billion property in Westlands, Nairobi.

The family has denounced the disputable ‘mightiest prophet’ and his Repentance and Holiness Ministry of strongly seizing the multi-storeyed condos along upscale Rhapta Road in Westlands and the verdant suburb of Riverside Drive.

Recently relatives of a lady asserting responsibility for property said the prophet had seized her through a detailed plan started in 2005.

They blamed the dubious prophet for proceeding to stash a large number of shillings in month to month lease from the upscale condos in what could lift the cover on the financing of Owuor’s garish service.

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