Here is Joseph Kori’s Powerful Poem to Late Wife that Will Make You Shed Tears

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Joseph kori hit headlines late last month after being accused of murdering his wife together with mpango wa kando.
It has now emerged that Judy Wangui, Kori’s side chick was the main murder suspect and Joseph kori was innocent.

Joseph Kori has since been released from prison.
Here is powerful poem he wrote to wife after being released.

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Tears of love.

Days and nights have gone,
Days and nights of pain and tears.

I was released from police cell,
I went home to face the reality of total emptiness,
I had cried my heart out,
My eyes had shed so much tears until my tear glands could shed no more.

I was so empty,
My house was no house without her,
I was so much afraid to face my own children.

I could not sleep nor eat in my house,
I could smell her favorite lotion in the house,
I could visualize her presence,
I could hear her voice singing in the kitchen.

It is the reality that she is no more that cut my heart to thousand pieces,
It pains me that my association with the murderer robbed me of the mother of my children.

True I was enslaved by lust,
True I thought it was just a fling and nothing more,
I was trapped without knowing.
She planned to kill when she knew I was about to jump ship,
I’m still in shock,
My love is no more.

I wish there was away I could say sorry and she could listen,

I wish there was a way i could see my love once more,
Only just once more to kneel down to her,
And say I’m sorry.

It was only yesterday,
Yesterday I was that happy man,
I was known and honoured as a great family man,
Everyone who knew Mr Kori could wave,
Friends could call,
Life was really good.

Yesterday she was alive,
She was that chubby and jovial woman,
Though many times I never told her she was different from them,
Many times I never told her she was the best thing that ever happened to me.
It was only yesterday Wambui my love was full of life.

Today she is no more,
My love,
The mother of my children is asleep forever,
She was killed by an obsessed mad woman,
Judge me it is your right,
But though I went out of family line,
My heart was at home with the love of my life,
I have cried a river,
I shed tears of love for the mother of my children,
The late Mary Wambui Kori.”It is very powerful and heartbreaking poem.

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