Men of God exchanges blows over offerings

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The ‘men of God’ in Nthongoni, Kibwezi East constituency exchanged ‘holy’ blows over offerings and preaching space.

The two pastors, Edwin Mutuku of Upper Room Holiness Church and Ken Junior, a self-proclaimed prophet of Kibwezi attacked each other in full glare of congregation.

However, when The Nairobian contacted Mutuku, he denied the allegations, claiming that it is Junior who attacked his ‘people’.

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“I was deep in prayers praying for people to be saved before he stormed our crusade. In the process, my mobile phone and anointing oil was stolen”, said Mutuku

Mutuku, who had conducted a week-long crusade and was holding prayers during the last day, accused Junior of being a conman and attacking “real” men of the cloth.

“He is masquerading as a pastor. He has been making false prophesies and he was rejected in this town. He makes fake anointing oil,” Mutuku said.

He said he reported the incident to Mtito Andei police station, but claimed investigations were still ongoing.

However, speaking to The Nairobian, Prophet Ken Junior brushed off Mutuku’s claims saying he was just an attention seeker.

He claimed that he didn’t attack anyone and Mutuku should stop embarrassing him.

“Mutuku used to be my follower until recently when he detached himself and other residents who have been organising crusades in Makueni to swindle money from unsuspecting residents, he said, adding: “I have been against their “Kupanda Mbegu” Gospel. He is just angry.”

Junior further claimed that Mutuku was organising crusades through his name since he has more followers.

“Thanks to my radio programmes, I have become famous and they are now organising crusades using my name, which is wrong,” he noted.

He also went ahead and linked his opponent (Mutuku) to his woes saying he has taken a lot of money from people using his name in pretext of serving under his Ministry.

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