KFCB CEO, Dr Ezekiel Mutua clears the air over claims of harassing former staff

The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Dr Ezekiel Mutua has cleared the air over claims that he sexually harassed one middle-aged woman identifying herself as Nancy Wambui on Twitter.

Speaking in an interview on NTV, Dr. Mutua dismissed Nancy’s claims terming it as a non-issue.

Nancy who recently took to the micro-blogging site to write: “I am a former employee at KFCB. This ‘righteous’ [expletive] used to harass all female staff. He always insisted on long hugs and inappropriate touching. When I complained, I would be asked to quit. So, I did [quit]. All he did was masturbate in his corner office. Ezekiel Mutua, I am going to court,” said Nancy, whose Twitter handle is @NancyWambui94.

Responding to the said-Nancy, Dr Mutua said: “KFCB clarified that issue. We have never had anyone like that [in our office] before or during my term. So, that is a non-issue.  I, however, expect it [people to fabricate claims to make me look bad]. For the last three years, we have raised the bar of moral standards very high. The woman’s claims have no basis. Anyone can sit anywhere [and construct a false claim against you]. Just ignore the woman’s claims,” said Dr Ezekiel Mutua.

The KFCB boss further said he won’t sue the said-Nancy for defamation.

“Why would I take any legal action against that woman? The Twitter account she used to publish those allegations is fake; [it is] a parody account. However, if she was a real person, then I would have taken her to court. The fact that no one went to court… Remember her post ended in: ‘Let’s meet in court’,” said Dr Ezekiel Mutua.

The film agency board CEO christened ‘moral police’ said KFCB would continue monitoring artistes’ on-stage performances to ensure that they serve their fans with decent shows.

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