Haji’s encouraging message to Ruto over graft scandals

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As if the Weston Hotel saga was not big enough to cripple the Deputy President William Ruto’s political ambitions,further corruption has moved an inch closer to tainting him completely in latest brewing dam scandal.

Many citizens have taken to twitter to express that Ruto won’t be voted for in 2022 elections over the growing allegations.

However in rescue,the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji has dismissed claims that the continuing war against graft is a political witch hunt aimed at elbowing out some senior state officials from their jobs.

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Speaking in Mombasa on Wednesday, February 27 Haji pocked holes in the narrative that the purge targeted to bring down Deputy President William Ruto terming them as misleading.

The chief prosecutor remarked during a Counter Violence and Extremism action plan conference in Mombasa.

“There is nothing like that, it is just politics. When somebody from a community steals is it you? When somebody comes from the deputy president’s tribe is it that person and not the DP? Don’t generalise. Individuals must carry their own cross and it’s wrong to classify corruption proceedings as targeting specific individuals,” said Hajj.

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