The charge on main Dusit terror suspect Gichunge’s mother

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Parents have the amazing power of bringing a new life on earth.However a question that is highly debatable is the path the children take once they are here and become conscious of their surrounding.

If guardians are to pay for their children’s sins then imagine the heaviness that terror suspect’s parent will walkaway with.

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Ali Gichunge’s mother, Sakina Mariam Abdalla in court together with others linked in the Dusit

This is the current burden of the mother to the main suspect Ali Salim Gichunge of the 14 Riverside attack on Dusit D2 Complex

She has been charged with failure to disclose information relating to her son’s acts.

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Sakina Marian Abdalla appeared before Milimani Chief Magistrate Francis Adayi on Friday.

She was charged with failing to disclose information to police pertaining the whereabouts of her son Ali Salim Gichunge.

The court was told that the information she had would have been used to prevent the commission of a terrorist act.

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