NTV Anchor missed being hit by a car in Thika superhighway

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Popular Business Anchor, Dan Mwangi, had a close shave on Friday when a car almost hit him at a pedestrian crossing along Thika superhighway.

While reporting on the ongoing construction of a bridge at Witeithie along the busy highway, the journalist sought to show the dangers pedestrians were exposed to at the crossing point.

He noted that some drivers did not respect the Zebra crossing as they zoomed past forcing pedestrians to wait for the vehicles to pass before crossing.

As the journalist embarked on crossing the road, one driver stopped and allowed him to pass. The driver in the other car, however, was not as thoughtful as he sped up at the zebra crossing.

In response, Mwangi had to stop and the car missed hitting him by a whisker.

The residents are asking government to place bumps right before the zebra crossing although reckless drivers surpases with high speed.

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