Senator Murkomen accused of not understanding his own county

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Speaking during a one-hour media briefing in Iten town on Tuesday, Governor Tolgos of Elgeyo Marakwet said Murkomen had failed to serve his own people termig him a liability.

Tolgos repeated his call for the county to be disbanded and returned to the national government if extra funding is not provided by the Commission on Revenue Allocation (CRA).

The county boss said he was shocked that the Senate Majority Leader has opposed calls for extra funding in his own county.

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He says the county receives Sh3.7 Billion which is inadequate.

Tolgos wants the CRA to allocate the county more than Sh5 billion for effective running of operations and development.

“I was shocked to hear him say that the money we get is enough. He does not understand his own county. He concentrates on national politics and thinks he knows everything better than other people,” an angry Tolgos said.

He accused the senator of concentrating on abusing other leaders at political rallies oblivious of the fact that the same people he abuses may find their way to State House.

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