Kenyans challenged:How will you tell apart a Somali from mogadishu,bosasso and a Somali from mandera and Wajir?

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Ever since in a growing feud after Somalis claim that Eastleigh residence in Nairobi Kenya is the biggest financial hub and perhaps even Kenya, furious Kenyans have been singing that the dwellers over there be deported back to Somalia.

Kenyans have expressed how their contribution through khat business in Eastleigh is nothing compared to the aid Kenya is giving Somalia refugees which is at the same time harbouring terrorists carrying out evil activities inthe country.

To this deportation sentiments one Ayub Yusuf has challenged,”Let me ask you a question. How will you tell apart a Somali from mogadishu, hargeisa, bosasso and a Somali from garissa, mandera and Wajir? You can’t”.

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This has shocked Kenyans who have clapped back demonstrating their confidence in their method of identification.

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