Former Attorney General James Karagu in Fierce Wealth Battle

The family of former Attorney General (AG) James Karagu has sued two women who have laid claim to his vast estate.

Karugu’s children namely; Victoria Nyambura, Eric Mwaura and Rose Githira have accused the two women of violating their father’s constitutional rights.

They also accused them of falsely claiming to be Karagu’s wives, adding that his only wife is Margaret Waithera Karugu who passed away in 2007.

In the petition filed at the Family Division of the High Court, the 3 siblings stated that they want the two women namely; Lucy Muthoni and Hellen Wambui, barred from Karagu’s properties.

Former AG Charles Njonjo


Karugu served as Kenya’s AG before he handed in his resignation on June 2, 1981, 15 months after assuming the role.

He worked as a deputy public prosecutor until April 1980 when he succeeded Charles Njonjo as the AG. Njonjo had resigned to vie as Kikuyu MP.

Although Karugu was one of the most powerful government officials at the time, this could not stop him from bowing out. After leaving office, he retreated to his Kiamara farm in Kiambu where he leads a quiet life.

In 2015, Karugu was diagnosed with progressive dementia and his children claim that opportunists have been taking advantage of this to try and swindle him.


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