My weight was a threat to my life, Bahati Baby mama reveals

Bahati’s baby mama Yvette Obura has opened up on her weight loss journey which happened to be a threat to her life.

Ms Obura she had already started the weight loss journey where she lost about 5kgs but later went back to unhealthy eating and gained 10 Kgs.

While taking to her instagram page she wrote, “I’ll be honest I bought a waist trainer last year but since I am a bad eater and was inconsistent, 5 months after buying it I had just lost 3 inches. October last year I did a certain diet by one mamake Bobo on Facebook, it was a seven day diet and by the end of the 7th day, I was 5 Kgs down. I bet some of y’all know who exciting it is losing some kilos so you decide to celebrate. Bummer. A month later after so much indulging I gained back the weight and 5 more on top of it.”

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She further revealed saying that the result of her bad eating habit saw her loss breath while she was in town something that was a threat to her life.

“I kept postponing diets/workouts/waist training till January 3rd 2019 when I was walking in town with my best friend and I was slowly losing breathing (sp). That night I had a meeting with myself and told myself enough is enough, logged in to Pinterest reviewed all the diets and landed on one (13 days metabolism diet). DISCLAIMER: Am no doctor so I don’t know how recommendable the diet is. So after the diet, I lost 7.3 Kgs (5 inches around my midsection)”

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I took a break for 3 days then did 5 days cardiologist diet, lost 1.2 Kgs, all this time I am on consistent waist training. I drink at least 4 litres of water daily to curb hunger, I do home workouts and this February I am doing 21 days no wheat, no sugar, no fried food and no carbs after 3 pm challenge,” she confessed.

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