Unbelievable! College students caned in western Uganda


Spare the rod spoil the child, goes the popular adage. Administering punishment in schools and other learning institutions was a way of preparing one for responsible adulthood. But in this new generation, everyone ought to know their right. In Kenya for instance, caning children were abolished by the government. This was as a result of teachers giving hard and horrible punishments to students and others ending up injuring the minors.

The case is different in Western Uganda. Teachers in a nursing school are canning their students which caused an uproar on social media. One of the Ugandan activists said that the school has poor remuneration and working conditions.

Could the discipline instilled in public and private servants be the cause of their characters in the offices they are holding?. Some of the Ugandans on Twitter shared their sentiments;


Do you think colleges and university should use canes as punishments?

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