Sossion cries over teachers dignity in increased teacher attacks by students

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The law is supposed to bring law and order in the country, how about if a rule takes care of law but fails to bring order?Failures and chaos as a result of these is affecting the relationship between teachers and students in Kenya.

Kenya National Union of Teachers Wilson Sossion now says Quality Assurance and standard system pose danger to the successful delivery of sustainable and equitable eucation in the country.

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For instance,Knut has raised concerns over increased cases of teachers being attacked by students.

The latest incident involved a Nakuru teacher who was killed last week. Two students have since been arrested over the murder.

Image result for Peter Omare, a physics teacher at Hopewell High School at Barut in Nakuru county was allegedly attacked and killed by two students
Killed Hope well teacher for phone snatching scandal

In a letter to the Teacher Service Commission CEO Nancy Macharia and chairperson Lydia Nzomo, Knut Secretary General Wilson Sossion partly blamed performance appraisals for the incidents.

He said the evaluation system has “armed learners to very dangerous levels” against their teachers by mandating students to “police and monitor” their mentors.

“It is perturbing and quite distressing to find that a student is policing his/her mentor using government documents. This is a grave issue that needs to be addressed to restore the integrity of the teaching profession and the dignity of teachers,” Sossion said in the letter dated January 28.

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