Employer blasted for locking out a job seeker who negotiated Interview date


Ever  had a terrible experience during the job seeking period? Well a number of youth are going through similar cases.

A motivational speaker/ coach denies job seeker an opportunity for  making a request;

Netizens online have blasted a middle aged woman who locked a youth out of a job opportunity for requesting if he/she could catch the interview later.

The lady claims that the job seeker was at a loss since he said he was busy and despite his the request for a later date, he/she still lost  the opportunity.

Netizens however disagreed with her reasoning  saying that there was need for her as an employer to consider that request.

With the rate of youth unemployment being high, there is need for graduates to be educated on how to take a hold of any opportunity that comes their way.

There is also need for them to be informed about the do’s and don’ts of their job hunting.

Many graduates mess up on their first interviews for several reasons however people think that this scenario required a second chance and some form of negotiation.

A number of online users have shared that availability for an interview should be negotiable depending on the circumstances.

What are your thoughts on this?Do you think that this is one of the reasons why the youth miss out on employment

Have a look at the reactions.



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