‘Another Canaan Awaits’ as Raila commits to take Kenya, Africa forward in 2019

The political landscape has changed ever since the handshake and Raila Odinga has today reflected on the happenings of 2018 even as it comes to a close.

The Opposition Party Leader Raila Odinga today  made it clear that he will commit to stick to the difficult positive choices of 2018 and to make more of such so long as they carry Kenya and Africa forward in 2019.

Odinga describes the beginning of 2018  as a difficult period of the year , but he is glad that today, we end it on a hopeful and sane note.

He also highlighted his confidence  that brighter days are ahead of Kenya as a nation.

“If we learnt anything in 2018, it should be that as a people, we are as good as the choices we make. We can divide or unite our nation, setting ourselves against one another along tribal lines or coming together as one people with one destiny.

We can unite against corruption and impunity that have long ruined us, or tolerate them and let their purveyors divide us and hold us at ransom. We can create a conducive environment for business and investment or we can make this impossible through endless rhetoric and ethnic balkanization.” he said in a statement

Odinga also said that Whenever we feel we have lost our way, we can start over and retrace our steps or we can continue down the same wrong path and face its ugly consequences. “It is all within our power to make these choices.” he noted

Raila also mentioned that if the country continues to hold on to choices that we all made then there is hope for another ‘Canaan’.

“In 2018, we chose unity over division. We chose to let the corrupt carry their baggage and pay the price of their sins. We chose a peaceful environment that allows trade and businesses to thrive and jobs to return. We did this by retracing our steps and agreeing to start over again.

We have a long way to go. But if we carry the spirit of difficult but positive choices we made in 2018 into 2019, we shall triumph and be a happier and better country at end of 2019.” Raila stated



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