Police Puzzled with the brutal murder of a primary teacher

Family members of a primary school teacher in Chepalungu found dead at Kapkwen Market on Friday have disputed claims by police that he died after being hit by a speeding car.

Demanding justice for the 43-year-old Johnstone Chirchir, family members said claims by police reports  were misleading.Bomet OCPD Samson Rukunga said the body was found on the roadside.

“It was an accident and not murder. That is what we know, unless someone comes up with evidence that it is indeed murder,” he said.A postmortem on Friday revealed otherwise.A postmortem report seen by the Standard revealed that he was hit by a blunt object on the head.

Speaking to the Standard, the man’s brothers Geoffrey Kibet and Samuel Sigei said there is a plot to cover up the murder.”There is more than meets the eye in the decision by the police to term the death of my brother as an accident,” Kibet said.

He accused police of laxity, saying they were shocked at their hurried conclusion that it was an accident.“At the scene where the deceased was discovered there were no vehicle marks.

”He said there was no broken glass or vehicles parts for the police to claim it was an accident.“Worst still the body of my brother did not have bruises to indicate injuries from the impact,” he said.

Adding that the deceased’s shirts and vest were torn, an indication there was a struggle before he died.The body was found early Friday morning by the public.Police took it to Longisa County Referral Hospital.

Teachers in Bomet have raised concern on the murder and the police’s hurried conclusion.

Kenya National Union of Teachers Bomet executive secretary Malel Langat demanded a fresh probe into the death.The executive secretary said five teachers have been murdered in the county this year.

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